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King Abdullah goes on the attack, brings annexation fight to the heart of Washington – Jordan –

Posted by on 18,Giu,2020 in Esteri, informazione, Medio Oriente, Testate Estere | 0 comments

WASHINGTON – Over the past 36 hours, Jordanian King Abdullah II has held at least five briefings with senior members of Congress from both...

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Martin Gugino: 75-year-old Buffalo protester has a fractured skull and cannot walk – CNN

Posted by on 18,Giu,2020 in Esteri, Proteste, Repressione, Testate Estere | 0 comments

Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old protester who was pushed by two Buffalo, New York, police officers earlier this month, has a fractured...

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Casaleggio: “M5s sempre finanziato in modo trasparente e mai con soldi pubblici. Mio padre non è mai andato in Venezuela” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Posted by on 16,Giu,2020 in - Rassegna Stampa, fake news, informazione, Latino-America, movimento5stelle, Politica, Slide, Testate Estere | 0 comments

Il figlio del cofondatore del Movimento 5 stelle sul Blog delle stelle respinge le accuse rilanciate dal quotidiano spagnolo Abc sul...

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Caccia statunitense si schianta nel Mare del Nord. In corso le ricerche del pilota – la Repubblica

Posted by on 15,Giu,2020 in informazione, Testate Estere | 0 comments

Un F-15 americano è caduto durante un volo di addestramento al largo delle coste del North Yorkshire. Ancora ignota la sorte...

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Egyptian LGBT rights activist dies by suicide in Canada after ‘failing to survive’ – Egypt Today

Posted by on 15,Giu,2020 in Egitto, Esteri, informazione, Repressione, Testate Estere | 0 comments

CAIRO – 14 June 2020: Sarah Hegazi, an Egyptian communist and human rights activist known for defending the LGBT rights, is believed to...

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Despite Virus, Hundreds Arrested in Unrest Are Held in Cramped Jails | NY Times

Posted by on 5,Giu,2020 in - Rassegna Stampa, America, Antirazzismo, carceri, coronavirus, giustizia, Politica Estera, Testate Estere | 0 comments

A flood of arrests has caused a backlog in New York City’s courts, forcing many to wait for more than 24 hours before seeing a judge....

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USA riots: Soldiers responding to protests armed with bayonets |

Posted by on 4,Giu,2020 in Esteri, informazione, Repressione, Testate Estere | 0 comments

President Donald Trump ordered military aircraft to fly above the nation’s capital Monday night as a “show of force” against demonstrators...

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Doppio colpo a Hong Kong. Passa legge “cinese” sulla sicurezza, Usa revocano statuto speciale | L’HuffPost

Posted by on 29,Mag,2020 in Esteri, informazione, Testate Estere | 0 comments

ANSA FOTO Hong Kong L’Assemblea nazionale del popolo, il ramo legislativo del Parlamento cinese, ha dato il via libera all’adozione della...

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Israeli annexation: How will Jordan respond? | Middle East Eye

Posted by on 28,Mag,2020 in conflitti, Esteri, palestina, Politica Estera, Testate Estere | 0 comments

“If Israel really annexed the West Bank valley in July, it would lead to a massive conflict with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.” This...

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Hundreds demand justice in Minneapolis after police killing of George Floyd | US news | The Guardian

Posted by on 27,Mag,2020 in Esteri, informazione, Proteste, Testate Estere | 0 comments

Protesters clash with police, who deploy teargas and stun grenades, following death of black man at hands of white officer Jared...

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