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China has not renewed the expiring press credentials for some journalists working for several US media outlets, the latest move in an escalating standoff between the world’s top two economies over reporting in each other’s countries.

The development on Monday comes as Chinese journalists in the US wait for their lapsed work visas to be renewed. The Chinese journalists have reportedly been allowed to stay in the country for a 90-day grace period that expires in early November.

The Wall Street Journal and CNN reported that their respective journalists – Jeremy Page, a Briton, and David Culver, a US citizen – were issued letters allowing them to continue working in China with their expired press credentials.

Culver was told the arrangement had nothing to do with his reporting but was a “reciprocal measure” in response to the Trump administration’s treatment of Chinese journalists, CNN reported.

The Wall Street Journal reported that authorities had indicated the renewal of the press passes would depend on what happened with Chinese journalists in the US.

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCC), said Bloomberg and another unnamed outled had also been targeted, adding that more foreign journalists are expected to receive similar treatment.

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday on Twitter that “we would be glad to continue our excellent cooperation with the US journalists here if Chinese journalists are treated fairly in the US.”

“CNN journalist and a few other US journalists’ visa extension applications are being processed, during which they can continue to live and work here with no problems at all,” she added.

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