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13 Luglio 2019 0

‘Every day, it is a risk’: immigrant communities paralyzed by fear of impending Ice raids | US news | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

Mayors in major cities have pledged to support those targeted by Sunday’s ‘enforcement operations’ When CG heard that Donald Trump…

30 Giugno 2019 0

Children at the border: the crisis that America wasn’t prepared for | US news | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

Despite fears stoked by Trump, fewer migrants are arriving at the border than in past years – but most are…

26 Giugno 2019 0

Shocking photo of drowned migrant and daughter highlights peril on US border | US news | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

The toddler’s arm was still draped around her father’s neck after bodies were found in the Rio Grande as they…

3 Maggio 2019 0

Guatemalan boy who died in US custody suffered from brain infection | US news | The Guardian

Di ken sharo

A Guatemalan boy who died at a Texas children’s hospital after being detained on the US southern border was suffering from a…