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13 Dicembre 2019 0

UK general election 2019: Boris Johnson says ‘let the healing begin’ in statement outside No 10 – live news | Politics | The Guardian

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Updates and reaction as Conservatives seal historic victory and Boris Johnson says Brexit is now the ‘unarguable decision of the…

13 Dicembre 2019 0

Elezioni in Gb, trionfa Johnson, ha la maggioranza assoluta – Europa – ANSA

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I Tory avrebbero quindi 368 seggi , mentre Corbyn si fermerebbe a 191. Questi dati, se confermati, per il Labour…

12 Dicembre 2019 0

General election 2019: voters queue for ‘most important poll in a generation’ – live news | Politics | The Guardian

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  Both Labour and Conservatives say vote offers stark choice between the two parties. Follow the latest developments – live…

11 Dicembre 2019 0

General election: Party leaders cross country in final push for votes – live news | Politics | The Guardian

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Labour and the Conservatives in scramble for votes on the final day of campaigning Poll: hung parliament a possibility |…

31 Ottobre 2019 0

General election: Corbyn to position Labour as true ‘party of the people’ | Politics | The Guardian

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Party leader will seek to pour cold water on Boris Johnson’s claim of being anti-establishment Jeremy Corbyn will seek to scorn…

21 Ottobre 2019 0

Brexit: government to introduce withdrawal bill in Commons today – live news | Politics | The Guardian

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Speaker will decide whether to allow ‘meaningful vote’ on Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill this afternoon What next for Boris Johnson’s…

31 Luglio 2019 0

Labour risks total wipeout if it fails to take Boris Johnson seriously | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian

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For the first time in years a Tory leader has a clear strategy and open chequebook. Labour must wake up…

30 Luglio 2019 0

Jeremy Corbyn, I no longer want to be a member of your Labour party | Alastair Campbell | Opinion | The Guardian

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Though I would win my appeal against expulsion, your losing mentality and lack of Brexit leadership mean I won’t return…

2 Luglio 2019 0

Jeremy Corbyn calls for independent inquiry into ‘frailty’ claims | Politics | The Guardian

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Labour leader says matter undermines confidence in civil service neutrality Jeremy Corbyn has called for a “speedy and thorough” independent…

18 Giugno 2019 0

The rehabilitation of Tony Blair? | News | The Guardian

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Tony Blair’s legacy since leaving office has been the subject of heated debate both within the Labour party and the…

6 Giugno 2019 0

Jeremy Corbyn is right: Labour needs both its leavers and its remainers | Larry Elliott | Opinion | The Guardian

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Those who attack him over the second referendum wilfully ignore the party’s roots, plus the many defects of the EU…

29 Maggio 2019 0

Labour voters want to come home, but the party must prove it will resist Brexit | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian

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While Corbyn trots out the same line and tries to give the impression something radical has shifted, patience is running…