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Both Labour and Conservatives say vote offers stark choice between the two parties. Follow the latest developments – live


I am not the only person who has lost their democratic right to vote in this general election. I am angry and upset that my basic right to vote has been taken away by a third party company.

British voter Stephanie Huber-Nagel, who lives in Germany said that her postal voting pack never arrived.

I applied for my postal vote this summer and I’ve been waiting for the past few weeks for my postal voting pack to arrive at my German address as my husband had received his at the end of November.

Unfortunately mine never made it on time and only reached me yesterday. The delay was due to the fact that the original envelope did not include my postcode despite my registration letter for postal vote clearly marking my postcode. It took the German postal services nearly two weeks to establish my full address and forward me my post.

I am really upset about this as due to a simple human/computer error my right to vote in one of the most important elections of my lifetime has been taken away from me.

One overseas voter, Cameron Ross was so concerned about his postal vote not arriving in time that he flew to the UK from his home in Amsterdam. He’s voting in a key marginal, Richmond Park, where conservative Zak Goldsmith holds a 45 vote majority.

He said:



In the EU’s eastern half, the election campaign has been viewed with bemusement, with the main focus on what will happen to the rights of the millions of EU nationals living in Britain after Brexit.

The right-wing governments in Hungary and Poland have appreciated the Tories staying quiet on rule of law issues and not adding to the chorus of EU complaints over backsliding in the country.

Aware that Poland and Hungary may be two of Britain’s closer friends in a post-Brexit EU, British diplomats have sought to cosy up to the governments rather than criticise them, and the ruling parties in both countries will be hoping for a Johnson win.

In the opinion section of Hungary’s pro-government Magyar Hirlap newspaper, author Daniel Deme writes that these are the most important British elections since World War Two, claiming that Boris Johnson wants to “preserve national sovereignty and identity” against Corbyn, whom the author calls a radical Marxist in favour of mass migration.

Poland’s Lewica left-wing coalition, which made it into parliament in recent elections, gave a ringing endorsement of Labour’s manifesto and called on all Poles eligible to vote to vote for Corbyn.

But the predominant reaction is confusion at the mess of British politics and what effect the election will have on Brexit. According to independent Hungarian outlet HVG, the only thing at stake in this election is “’who will be the ringmaster in the long running Brexit-circus”.


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