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Tony Blair’s legacy since leaving office has been the subject of heated debate both within the Labour party and the country at large. As Paul Lewis reports, his re-entry into the national debate on Brexit comes at a time of a crisis of trust in British politics and a rise in populism. Also today: Jim Waterson on the Saudi investment in the Evening Standard

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Tony Blair is Labour’s most electorally successful prime minister, but his legacy has been the source of bitter rows ever since he left office. Now he is back, and making a series of impassioned interventions on Brexit.

He has recently released a video defending his record as prime minister after Jeremy Corbyn lumped together Blair’s Labour government with the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron.

Paul Lewis has been leading a series on populism for the Guardian and recently interviewed Blair in front of a live audience. He reflects on how the former prime minister is attempting to rehabilitate his reputation.

Also today: Jim Waterson on the Saudi investment in the London Evening Standard.

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