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Exclusive: ‘This is supposed to be the most joyous time of my life, with my baby, showing her precious moments to my family. Instead I’m alone and stressed beyond belief’

A baby whose legal guardian is a UK resident has been blocked from entering the country, leaving her and her soon-to-be adoptive mother “stranded” in Pakistan.

The Home Office has been accused of “trampling” on the rights of families after it repeatedly refused to grant entry clearance to Sofia Saleh, now aged seven months, despite the fact her sole carer has been settled in Britain for 20 years.

Nina Saleh, a Norwegian national who lives in London and holds permanent UK residency, travelled to Pakistan in November 2018 after she was approved for adoption as a single parent by the British authorities. She was matched with her baby, Pakistani national Sofia, after 10 days when Sofia was less than a month old.

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Sorgente: Home Office blocks baby adopted by UK resident from entering country | The Independent

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