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Selective memories of wartime victories have fostered a fantasy of Britain and its place in the world today. Patrick Cockburn looks at how meticulous planning would have paid off in Brexit negotiations

Above all else, D-Day was a triumph of meticulous preparation by British naval commanders. Some 4,000 ships manoeuvred to land 156,000 soldiers together with their tanks, munitions and supplies in the right order and in the right places on a heavily defended coast. Crucial to winning the battle for Normandy was not only the initial landing but the ability to build up these forces at a faster pace than the German army was able to do.

Victory was won because the US and UK had more men and weapons than the enemy and they had foreseen and resolved many of the difficulties they would face….


Sorgente: European retreat: Brexit shows we have learnt nothing from D-Day | The Independent

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