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30 Settembre 2019 0

‘Now it’s just ghosts’: Yemenis living under the shadow of death by airstrike | World news | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

Four years of war has not brought Saudi Arabia any closer to victory, but all over Yemen ordinary people are…

19 Settembre 2019 0

How did oil attack breach Saudi defences and what will happen next? | World news | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

Escalation is dangerous because infrastructure could be exposed to retaliation Saudi Arabia’s state-of-the-art missile defence systems could do nothing to…

18 Febbraio 2019 0

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrives in Pakistan | News | Al Jazeera

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Analysts say Pakistan is treating Prince Mohammed’s trip as the biggest state visit since Chinese President Xi in 2015. In…

16 Febbraio 2019 0

UK’s Saudi weapons sales unlawful, Lords committee finds | World news | The Guardian

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Report finds UK arms ‘highly likely to be cause of significant civilian casualties in Yemen’ The UK is on “the…

10 Gennaio 2019 0

Thailand: Amnesty welcomes Saudi woman’s refugee protection | Amnesty International

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Responding to news that the UN have granted refugee status to Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, an 18-year old Saudi woman, and…

5 Gennaio 2019 0

Senior US official: Saudi version of Khashoggi murder ‘not credible’ | World news | The Guardian

Di luna_rossa

Comments come as the US secretary of state embarks on a tour of Arab capitals The US does not believe…