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The signing of the so-called “Abraham Accords” last week was an empty sham.

A “peace deal” between three countries – Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain – that, in fact, have never been at war, is clearly more of a public relations campaign than any genuine move towards peace.

The real war at hand is Israel’s war against the indigenous people of Palestine – and that goes on unabated. Indeed, these accords not only do nothing to end the decades-long confrontation between the oppressor and the oppressed,  but they also in reality reward the oppressor.

The agreement to establish full diplomatic relations between Israel and these two Gulf dictatorships has been executed in aid of the US imperial world order, and in the hope that the Israelis can ingratiate these regimes into the White house.

As Joseph Massad, a leading Palestinian historian of Arab politics and intellectual history, explained in a recent essay, the ties between the UAE and Israel in particular have been growing and ongoing for decades, and especially have their roots in the 2006 controversy over the sale of a British company to an Emirati firm, which administered six major US ports.

With empty insinuations about some of the 9/11 hijackers having travelled “through” the UAE to the US  – most of the hijackers were actually Saudis – the media storm had a distinctly racist whiff about it.

The UAE company in the end diffused the situation by selling its assets to a US company.

But as Massad explained: “This was not an arbitrary campaign, but one that followed the anti-Arab US hysteria after 9/11, which both Israeli and pro-Israel US politicians exploited for the benefit of Israel’s long-time opposition to close ties between the US and Arab countries. Since 2006, the UAE government has cosied up to Israel so that the pro-Israel US lobby would stop blocking its investments and the Israelis would intervene on its behalf with the US Congress.”

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