Mayday statement from Workers International League of Zimbabwe

1 Maggio 2020 0 Di marco zinno

Still no freedom for Zimbabwean workers and the poor.

Workers International League of Zimbabwe joins hands with millions of workers across the world to celebrate May Day.

Workers of Zimbabwe has nothing to celebrate for this May Day commemoration. Those in our class the poor people and the workers who have, are and shall ever be in the poverty trap if no one salvages them know how it feels.

Let us all genuinely and sincerely fight against anything that impoverishes and oppresses humankind including this reckless, haphazard, inhuman lockdown without humanitarian aid which we are in. There is no love happiness, peace, harmony and dignity in poverty.

All our labour movement are captured by the capitalists. They claim that the bosses and workers are facing together the crisis? that’s a lie (Fakers)! We are ruled by a handful of exploiters who guarantee their profits in the midst of hell for the vast majority of the people! The generals of the military dictatorship, the ZANU-PF and also the MDC, which as we have said have praised the measures taken by Mnangagwa, they are all together against the workers. They have multiplied a thousand times the sufferings that the workers were suffering with the economic crisis.
But they know that misery and pandemic could very well end up causing an outburst of the exploited.

We need to mobilize for pro-worker and real response to Coronavirus. A Workers’ Health Emergency Plan must be imposed right now in the streets, which guarantees that the people do not pay for this crisis or stop before any privilege or property right, to make the necessary resources available to a health plan for the population. From the ZCTU, the worker’s’ organizations, militant student organizations and doctors, a public health committee must be set up so that the people survive the pandemic, hunger, unemployment and misery. The pandemic is making us seriously ill, but it is capitalism that kills.

The people must do the quarantine, but with wages equal to the family basket for all workers, employed and unemployed, with food and all necessary services guaranteed, and those who operate in the necessary sectors must have all the necessary prevention measures, sanity and security. Banks and mines must be nationalized without payment to put all the resources for the health and food for the people! Expropriation without payment of all the transnational corporations that plunder Zimbabwe! Not a dollar to pay the foreign debt! Out with the IMF!
The committees of consumers, poor peasants and agricultural workers must be set up for food! The large tracts of land must be expropriated without compensation and the entire chain of food intermediaries to guarantee there are not lacking of food in workers’ and the poor people’s homes.
In this quarantine, we must have maximum health, hygiene conditions and decent housing for the exploited. Expropriation without payment of the hotels and anyone who owns more than two properties dedicated to profit to guarantee a decent house for the exploited so that they can do the quarantine!

Let no one go to work if it is not controlled by doctors from all the social health services in defense of the workers.

The only way out of the crisis is through a mass movement of the international working-class.

The COVID-19 pandemic is piling on top of a litany of health inequalities in America to kill a disproportionate number of African Americans. In Chicago alone, black residents make up more than half of all cases and about 70 percent of those who’ve died of the disease. That’s despite African Americans only making up about 30 percent of the city’s population. Migrant workers bear brunt of coronavirus pandemic. With COVID-19 now impacting the migrant workers, they find themselves increasingly vulnerable and exposed to significant health risks. The labour systems operating in these countries alongside dire living conditions, scarce legal protection, lack of information, and restricted access to preventive health care measures and treatments – make it extremely difficult for migrant workers to protect themselves during such a pandemic.

The working class must lead the fight against the coronavirus pandemic!
Enough is enough!

All the organizations that speak in the name of the working class demands must break with the government and bourgeoisie that starve and dismiss us!

Enough with the class-collaborationist trade union bureaucracy! We need the democracy of those below to win! Let’s unite, regroup and have a powerful working movement to defeat the government of Mnangagwa and his minions, the transnational companies and the slaver bosses!
Let us stand up to fight for our jobs, our bread and the life of our families. We want jobs for all and a living wage!

Equal work for equal pay of equal value!

For that, let us confront determinedly the imperialism that plunders our nations. In order to get bread, it is necessary to expropriate without payment and under worker control the transnationals, the bankers and the landlords!

Out with the imperialist transnationals!

Expropriation without compensation of the banks and place them under workers control.

We must coordinate our struggles right now!

May day is the International day of struggle of the international working class. We should fight together with tje internationalist workers around the world and of the black African workers. We are the same slaves in the entire Africa subjected, exploited by imperialism, in Europe and in the United States. As they go as migrates they die in the Mediterranean Sea, they are doing the worst job and they are exposed to be infected by Covid19.

We do not fool ourselves. We know that without solid mass organization of the working class in Zimbabwe and the entire Southern African, none of these measures will be attended to by both the bosses and the government.

The demands that unify us are those that were raised in each of the mobilizations that shook South Africa on the 16th August 2012 in the strike of Marikana. The time has come to unite our ranks in a single list of demands and to organize and prepare a struggle superior to that which we have already starred in. It is about strengthening all those enormous energies deployed by the exploited in all these years of battles against the bourgeoisie and the state of the oppressors and showing them a path to victory.

One single working class in the 5 Continents and One Single Enemy.

May Capitalism and its Murderous States DIE!!!!
Aluta Continua!

Workers International League section of FLTI

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