Zimbabwe, Amidst the social catastrophe, the slavery, pandemic and counterrevolutionary wars…

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from Jussa – Workers Internationaal League (WIL) of Zimbabwe


Amidst the social catastrophe, the slavery, pandemic and counterrevolutionary wars…


Imperialism takes slaves and steals coltan, lithium, gold, copper, oil, rubber and the whole wealth of black Africa.

A handful of Black millionaire foremen, just like Uncles Tom, manage the slavery of the workers and poor peasants of Africa with the whip, on behalf of the transnationals of London, Paris, Frankfurt …
This is how the exploited in Africa live and die.

Coronavirus, which is keeping the planet’s population on edge, is just a tiny plague compared to the plagues and pandemics suffered by the Black peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa due to hunger, malnutrition and lack of water, minimal health services and vaccines.
Diseases that have been eradicated in the West coexist with a population that sees millions die each year from malaria, marsh fever, AIDS, tuberculosis, diarrhea …
Malnutrition and lack of attention to the mother in childbirth claim 1,000 times more lives than the coronavirus worldwide.
Miserable, infamous scoundrels! This rotten capitalist system must die!

So much hypocrisy must cease! Black lives matter!
Death to imperialism, Uncles Tom and slavers!

The traitor workers’ aristocracies and social-imperialist parties, that anti-Marxist trash of the imperialist West, do not care about the lives of the workers and exploited in Africa.
The reason is they live on the crumbs that fall from the feast of the super-exploitation and looting of the semi-colonial world by their imperialist bosses.
We must defeat the trash-left that are tied to the apron-strings of the pirates of Frankfurt, Paris, London, Tokyo and Wall Street!

In figures, less than 1% of the number of human beings who die in the south of Africa die of disease in the north of the continent. The five deadliest diseases in black Africa kill more than 3.5 million people a year, up from 60,000 people in Northern Africa, according to 2012 data.

* TUBERCULOSIS: Every year about 2.4 million cases of tuberculosis are registered in the African region – 24 percent of all reported cases in the world – and half a million deaths for this reason.
The reality is that both meningitis (a viral / bacterial infection that inflames the meninges) and tuberculosis (a bacterial infection that affects the lungs and can infect other organs) add up to more than half a million deaths each year in Africa.

* AIDS The African region concentrates 60 percent of people living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) worldwide, although it only accounts for 11 percent of the world population.
Specifically, in Africa there is a large percentage of cases of deaths from HIV-AIDS: 1,110,141 in the sub-Saharan zone and 2,829 in the north; To these, we must add the 420,788 that the disease causes in other parts of the world.

* Lower respiratory tract diseases are the first cause of death in the world and the second in Africa, where the difficult access to antibiotics and the habitual contagion of this type of disease (bronchitis, pneumonia) make treatments difficult to carry out in many circumstances, resulting in rapid spreading. In sub-Saharan Africa they are responsible for more than 1.1 million deaths per year: three times more than the deaths of all developed countries together per year.

* DIARRHEA: the sad reality of hunger and thirst in Africa
Diarrhea is far from the first sixty causes of death in western countries, but, in Africa, it is in the third place, linked to the problems entrenched among the world’s poorest countries: dehydration, poor water quality, famine and malnutrition…
Diarrhea usually occurs due to an infection (usually rotavirus or bacteria) and results in the deaths of tens and hundreds of thousands of children due to the loss of salts, electrolytes, and nutrients. South Africa and Southwest Asia are the areas that account for almost 80% of all diarrhea deaths in the world.

* From the more than half a million deaths from malaria a year in sub-Saharan Africa (in the north it is considered eradicated, as in developed countries, although in recent years there have been return alerts) 75% of the deaths are children.

* MATERNAL AND NEWBORN MORTALITY RATES Of the twenty countries with the highest maternal mortality rates, nineteen are in Africa. In 2002, some 231,000 women died in the region from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. The newborn mortality rate in the African region is the highest in the world. An estimated 43 out of every 1,000 babies born in 2005 died during their first twenty-eight days of life.
Sub-Saharan African women have a lifetime risk of dying during pregnancy or childbirth of 1 in 37. By contrast, a woman’s risk in Europe is 1 in 6,500. Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia represent around 80% of the world’s maternal and infant deaths. Countries in conflict or humanitarian crisis situations often have poor health systems that prevent women and children from accessing the essential care necessary to save their lives.
Compared to high-income countries, maternal mortality levels are nearly 50 times higher in women in sub-Saharan Africa, and their children are 10 times more likely to die in the first month of life.

* CHILD MORTALITY Child mortality is on the rise in the region. While in 1960 in those countries there was a 14 percent of all deaths of children under the age of five occurring in the world, that percentage increased to 23 percent in 1980 and 43 percent in 2003.
In 2018, 1 every 13 children in sub-Saharan Africa died before their fifth birthday: this risk is 15 times higher than that of a child in Europe, where only 1 in 196 children dies before the age of 5.

Imperialism must die!
Socialism or barbarism!

In Africa, Stalinism aborted all the WW2 post-war revolutionary processes. The CP imposed the political swindle of the “reconciliation plan” with the apartheid regime in South Africa.
They saved the businesses of AngloAmerican and other transnationals that commanded a 4 million genocide in DRC to keep the lithium from African nations.

From the beginning of the 21st century, imperialism fueled the oil wars in North Africa and the Middle East. With its assassins, it crushed heroic revolutions in the region, such as in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria …
In China and Russia, semi-fascist regimes survive, starving and enslaving millions of workers.

This is how this rotten system endures, while in bankrupt due to the parasitism of that 1% of the global financial super-oligarchy in the metropolises.
This is how it is sustained: both with the states’ gunboats and thanks to the betrayals of the leaders of the proletariat.

The working class have fought fiercely a thousand and one times.
But the bourgeoisie has shown that it knows how to use and take advantage of the working class weakness, which is nothing else than their crisis of leadership.

There you can see the “socialists” of the Queen, the English SWP (friend of the PTS of Argentina), who are dedicated to bringing alms to martyred Africa together with the NGOs.
For its part, the French NPA plays a sinister role in supporting all invasions by French imperialist troops into Chad and Mali, from where cobalt and uranium are brought in for French nuclear and military industries.

In the United States, the fight of the black workers movement was handed over by Castroism to Obama, who took all the conquests from the North American working class and the black movement that had revolted to the cry of “Black lives matter!”.
Today the ISO and the entire American left support Sanders, that Wall Street bourgeois, who wants to increase the figures of the alms for the punished US labor movement, at the expense of multiplying by one thousand the looting of the semi-colonial world.

As Rosa Louxemburg put it, on the possibility that the Russian Revolution of 1917 might not spread to Europe: “This will not be due to the poor economic development of Russia, but because the social democracy of this highly developed West is made up of cowardly abjects who as passive spectators will let the Russians lose all their blood. But that death is better than preserving one’s life for the imperialist homeland.”
So it is not about the backwardness of the semi-colonial countries but about the cynical betrayal of the Social Democrats, Stalinists and renegades of the Trotskyism of the imperialist countries and their cowardice.

The task of the Fourth International is to settle accounts with these traitors and those who sell out our program, that of the Federation of Black, Peasant and Workers’ Republics of North, Central and South Africa.

Workers Internationaal League (WIL) of Zimbabwe

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