Healing and Protecting People Against Corona Virus

21 Maggio 2020 0 Di marco zinno

By Dr abraham Weizfeld BSc, MA, PhD




The treatment against the CoronaVirus has not reached the state of providing a vaccine and such a vaccine is not expected to be developed until many months later or in a year’s time. While there are some medical procedures which may help patients to reinforce the immune system of the person, such as transfused Vitamin C, there is a general lack of anti-viral agents available. Cuba produces the anti-viral medication Interferon-Alpha-2b but it cannot be transported since it has a lifespan of only three days. This effective anti-viral is not generally produced in quantity in any other country and the pharmaceutical companies make it a very expensive commercial product. It has been used to eradicate the Hepatitis C viral infection and so has saved many lives – as is my case, having been transfused with contaminated blood during a surgical operation.
To be concerned for Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine one must consider that the full array of treatments are not generally available. However, the many people who have endured a CoronaVirus infection of Covid-19 and have overcome it, have antibodies in their blood produced by their strong immune systems. Their filtered blood (plasma) may now be transfused into patients to cure them of their infection, if they cannot overcome it on their own. Although it is already late into the pandemic, France and the Mount Sinai hospital in New York City have begun trials into this treatment
In addition, the blood plasma containing the antibodies could be transfused into those who have not yet become infected, to immunize them against the CoronaVirus – for those who are particularly at risk such as aged persons or those with a prior medical complication. That is an effective strategy to halt the pandemic.
This pandemic is of vital concern even though the number of people infected by the CoronaVirus is still minimal in the Palestinian territories. This particular virus is more dangerous than an ordinary flu infection because it is propagated by the air where the virus remains active, not only by the touch. Even the ordinary exchange of air face to face while talking could transfer this particular virus. Infected persons not wearing masks project their infection by coughing out small droplets of liquid that carry the virus. That is why it has been recommended for people to remain isolated in their family homes to avoid people already infected but who do not yet know that they are infected. During the first three days of infection, there are no symptoms that are shown, not even a fever.
In the West Bank there is a particular danger since the Palestinian workers coming back from their service and construction jobs in the ’48 territory of the Zionist State or the 40,000 working at Zionist colonies may very well be infected since they were in contact with many people in an economy where 8000 people are already infected. These workers are not being tested for infection by the Zionist authorities and even if they are showing symptoms, they are sent back to their families in any case, without any sense of responsibility.
The danger of the CoronaVirus infection in the Palestinian territories is of particular concern because of the existing medical conditions of so many who are frequent smokers of tobacco since this has already impaired their lungs and makes them open to further infection. Other health concerns may be taken into consideration to boost the immune system by drinking ginger tea with honey which are anti-viral and antibiotic substances. It is also advisable to absorb sunlight on the skin to let the body produce Vitamin C and D to bolster the immune system as well. In general, it is beneficial not to eat the meats of animals which may carry viral infections (as was the case in China) or bacteria when not well prepared. The necessary protein that we all need may be obtained by the eating of lentils, green peas, soybeans (falafel), yoghurt, cheese and milk, potatoes with the skin, the vegetables such as avocados, spinach, and the fruits such as apricots, bananas, oranges or almonds. Such a diet will build the body’s immune system.
The method for a strategic struggle against this Covid-19 infection is achieved by means of the transfusion of blood plasma derived from healthy volunteers who have overcome the virus. This may be accomplished with the existing medical infrastructure and does not require any additional costs or imported materials.
To be prepared is to be aware of and to overcome the approaching pandemic which is surrounding the Palestinian territories. The Palestinians confined to the refugee camps under the administration of UNWRA are at risk and live in even more dangerous conditions which require the political pressure to ensure their protection, as well.
The lesson to be acquired from this pandemic is that mutual aid is more important than finding a well-paying job. Money does not heal but knowledge does.

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