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Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli occupation authorities arrested about 5300 Palestinians since the start of the year, including 620 minors and 111 women, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) said on Monday.

The PPS confirmed that about 5300 Palestinians have been arrested by the Israeli occupation since the start of 2022, including 111 women and 620 minors, noting that the highest number of arrests was recorded in occupied Jerusalem where 2353 people have been arrested.

The PPS said the highest rate was recorded in April and reached 1228.

During Israel’s military raids into Palestinian villages, towns, and refugee camps to carry out arrest operations, dozens of Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bullets, making the number of field executions this year the highest compared to the past years.

The PPS also pointed out Israel’s imposing of “collective punishment” on entire refugee camps and towns; this included attacks and assaults on Palestinians.

At the same time, the PPS said, the occupation forces have intentionally caused heavy damage and material loss during their military raids of the houses of the families of the detainees in Israeli prisons.

Regarding Israel’s policy of administrative detentions, the PPS said Israeli occupation has issued 1610 administrative detention orders against Palestinians, adding that documentation showed that the highest number of issuing administrative detention orders was in August in which 272 orders were issued against Palestinians, bringing the total number of Palestinians held currently under Israel’s administrative detention without charge or trial, until the end of September, to around 800.

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