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Hamas-run government announces 48-hour curfew for the first time since the start of the outbreak after Health Ministry said 4 people from the same family have tested positive for the virus in the al-Maghazi refugee camp

The Hamas-run government announced 48-hour curfew in the entire territory, closing businesses, schools, mosques and cafes.
The discovery of the local cases comes despite months of strict efforts taken to prevent community transmission.Starting on March 15, Hamas imposed mandatory isolation for 21 days at designated quarantine centers for all those returning to the Strip by the way of Israel and Egypt.

 Gaza officials disinfect the streets of the Strip

Gaza officials disinfect the streets of the Strip
(Photo: EPA )
Authorities have detected 109 cases in the quarantine facilities since March, and 72 of them have recovered. The only fatality in Gaza was a woman who had underlying health problems.
The Islamic militant Hamas movement has ruled Gaza since seizing control from rival Palestinian forces in 2007. Egypt and Israel imposed a blockade on the territory, which is home to some 2 million Palestinians, in response to the Hamas takeover. Israel and Hamas have fought three wars and countless skirmishes since then.

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