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Prime minister lands back in UK to face crisis following supreme court ruling

Full story: Corbyn tells PM to apologise to Queen and country

‘Who runs Britain?’ Papers divided over ‘damning indictment’ of PM

What happens next in parliament?



Rees-Mogg did not really mean to call court ruling ‘constitutional coup’, Cox says





Cox says he will consider publishing more information about prorogation legal advice


Geoffrey Cox responds to urgent question about his prorogation legal advice

If every time I lost a case I was called upon to resign, I would probably have never had a practice.

He says the government accepts the judgment from the supreme court.


Bercow says reference to parliament being prorogued will be ‘expunged’ from official record


Varadkar says EU wants to see UK’s alternative backstop plan by end of next week

The UK must table written proposals to solve the Irish border Brexit question within the next week, Leo Varadkar and Donald Tusk have said.

The taoiseach revealed the details of his conversation with Tusk on Monday in New York in remarks after his meeting with Boris Johnson last night. He said:

We have working methods and I know that President Tusk and other EU heads of government would like to see British proposals in writing really in the first week of October, otherwise it is very hard to see how we could agree something at the summit in the middle of October.

He also signalled a significant shift on the EU’s opposition to re-opening the withdrawal agreement by noting it could not be changed at the last minute because of its treaty status.

The withdrawal agreement is actually an international treaty. It’s not the kind of thing that can be amended or cobbled together late at night at the European council meeting on 17th of October. So if the UK does have meaningful proposals, changes that they would like to suggest to the withdrawal agreement or to the joint political declaration more particularly, we really need to see them in advance so that they can be worked through and worked up in advance of the EU summit.

A full write up is in the Irish Times.


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