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Home secretary also dismisses claims parliament could be suspended to stop MPs blocking no-deal Brexit, as suggested by rival Dominic Raab, as ‘anti-British’ and ‘complete nonsense’

Sajid Javid has hit out at two of his rivals for the Tory leadership, claiming Dominic Raab‘s position on Brexit is “complete nonsense” and condemning Boris Johnson‘s previous comments about Muslim women.

The home secretary, one of 11 candidates vying to succeed Theresa May, said suggestions that parliament could be suspended if it tries to block a no-deal Brexit were “anti-British” and “rubbish”. Mr Raab said on Wednesday that he would not rule out such a move.

As the gloves came off in the Conservative leadership contest, Mr Javid attacked Mr Johnson over his previous claim that women who wear the Muslim niqab look like “letterboxes” or “a bank robber”

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