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Nablus, 5 novembre 2020
Dr Yousef Haq
Why this deep silence from all on Alakhras hunger strike !!!!
The Palestinian prisoner in apartheid israel jail Maher Alakhras is
still going on in his hunger strike for 102 days against israeli
administrative detention without any charge and trail of him for
102 days. Administrative detention order in Israel is derived from
British colonial Palestine during the period 1917 – 1948, isn’t
strange to see Israel is using this order that violates all humanized
laws and values in the present 2020 ?? It is really deep sadness
to see great powers in our world are just watching this man dying
in Israeli jail for his freedom, it is unbelievable to see him dying in
deep silence of all shops of those who are singing day and night
humanitarian rights song !!!
USA, European Union and even International Criminal Court are all in deep sleeping regarding
Palestinian political detainees. Let us imagine that any Israeli is in
hunger strike in any jail of any sate for just 10 days, then we will
see all those singing bands of human rights are crying and
threatening the state that arrested this israel man. This situation of
Palestinian prisoners push all humanized persons to doubt Palestinians if they are humans and to run in deep
madness which means that all world order is in need badly to be changed.

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