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Ramallah (QNN) The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners Affairs said that Israeli courts imposed over 22,000 Shekels as bails on detained Palestinian children at Ofer jail last August.The committee stated in a statement that last month 21 Palestinian children were detained; 17 of them were arrested from their houses, one from the street, two for not having permissions, and one arrested after summoning him for interrogation.The statement mentioned that two children were brutally beaten during the arrest.The statement also stated that 15 children were sentenced last month. The total number of detained children has reached 220, 95 of them are detained at Ofer jail.The committee said that “imposing such heavy financial penalties by Israeli courts on Palestinian children is a vindictive action and an arbitrary punishment, which have been practiced by the occupation state against prisoners and their families in order to put pressure on them and overburden them with astronomical sums, taking into account the difficult economic circumstances, which Palestinians endure”.

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