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John Hudson talks about the secret recording of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Peter Whoriskey on the child labor problem in chocolate production. Plus, Sarah Kaplan looks at the unexpected consequences of gender discrimination against lab rats.

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Secret tape reveals Pompeo’s doubts about president’s Venezuela plan
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave an unfiltered opinion of the Trump administration’s Middle East plan, according to a secret recording obtained by The Washington Post. In the tape, Pompeo said the plan could be considered “unexecutable,” among other things. Pompeo also shared his views on ousting Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, in which the secretary said keeping Maduro’s opposition strong is proving “devilishly difficult.”
National security reporter John Hudson tells host Martine Powers about Pompeo’s opinions and how it showcases the distance between the Trump administration’s foreign policy agenda and the top diplomat charged with carrying it out.
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Chocolate’s child labor problem
Mars, Nestlé and Hershey pledged nearly two decades ago to stop using cocoa harvested by children. Yet much of the chocolate sold in the United States still starts with child labor.
Peter Whoriskey is a business reporter at The Washington Post. He recently went to the Ivory Coast in West Africa to investigate the origins of chocolate.
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The gender gap … in lab rats
For decades, researchers have mostly studied male lab rats in animal research — even when studying diseases that are more prevalent in women. Post science reporter Sarah Kaplan explains that there are consequences for human women — from medicines not working as well to worse outcomes from certain diseases.

Sorgente: President Trump is bullish on foreign policy. In a secret recording, Mike Pompeo has doubts. – The Washington Post

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