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The Israeli occupation police on Sunday continued to assault Palestinian citizens and supporters in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, amid persistent provocative practices by extremist Jewish settlers and Knesset members.

According to local sources, police forces assaulted local residents and supporters following the Maghrib (sunset) prayer that was held near the Salem family’s house, which the Israeli occupation authority intends to seize to give it to Jewish settlers.

Local residents and supporters gathered in the evening in the neighborhood, performed prayers and chanted slogans in solidarity with the Sheikh Jarrah families who are threatened with displacement from their homes.

Soon later, police forces embarked on attacking everyone and detained a Jerusalemite young man.

For several days, the Israeli police have been blocking the entrances to Sheikh Jarrah and harassing local residents, supporters and journalists while providing protection for far-right Knesset member Itamar Ben Gvir and other members and settlers, who keep storming the neighborhood every day.

Earlier on Sunday morning, Gvir moved his makeshift office, which he set up a few days ago near the Salem family’s house in the neighborhood, to another spot in front of the Sa’aw family’s house as part of his provocative practices, but local residents and supporters intervened and forced him to retreat.

Residents of Sheikh Jarrah say the intensified Israeli police and settler presence in the area come to lay the groundwork for the Salem family’s imminent forced displacement next month.

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Sorgente: Israeli police assault anew residents and supporters in Sheikh Jarrah

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