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Israel fired warning shots towards Lebanon yesterday after a chicken crossed the border.Nine-year-old Hussein Chartouni from the southern village of Meiss Al-Jabal chased his frightened fowl towards the border, triggering panic among Israeli soldiers who fired a round of warning shots.Israel and Lebanon are still technically at war and tensions frequently flare along the shared border.In a video that was shared widely on Twitter, Chartouni explains how his father had purchased four chickens, two for the nine-year-old and two for his brother, the day before the incident.When the brothers opened the hutch to feed the chickens the next morning, one of Hussein’s birds made a break for it.The chicken ran nearly 70 metres from Chartouni’s house towards a fence guarded by Israeli soldiers.Speaking in Arabic in the video, Chartouni explains: “I went to catch my chicken, but from their fear, the Israeli started to shoot at the sky and the wind.””I wasn’t scared because I wanted my chicken. They [Israelis] took the chicken and never gave it back… I want it back.”It was not immediately clear if the chicken had been returned to Chartouni.READ: Lebanon’s Aoun, Hariri trade blame over new governmentHowever, videos and pictures later surfaced on social media showing the nine-year-old receiving new chickens from an unnamed benefactor.

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