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by Mia Swart | Al Jazeera

‘Vicious crackdown’: Iran protest death toll at 304, Amnesty says

Human rights group says children were among those killed and calls for the release of detained demonstrators.

Demonstrators react following the steep fuel price increase in the city of Isfahan on November 16


At least 304 people have been killed in the recent protests in Iran, Amnesty International reported on Monday, accusing security forces of “massacring” unarmed demonstrators.Video footage obtained showed Iranian security forces opening fire on protesters “who did not pose any imminent risk”, according to a report by the London-based rights group. It called the actions of the Iranian government a “vicious crackdown”. Philip Luther, the Middle East and North Africa director at Amnesty, said its information was based on “harrowing testimony from eyewitnesses”.Thousands of protesters, as well as journalists, human rights defenders and students, were arrested, the group said.

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