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“Israel’s military campaign will be remembered among some of the darkest chapters of our modern history,” Sanders said.

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In one of his strongest statements against Israel’s genocide so far, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is urging President Joe Biden to back a “humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza, saying that the U.S. is “complicit in this carnage.”

In a letter sent Tuesday, Sanders asked Biden to reject a proposal from Congress in a supplemental funding package to provide an additional $10 billion in military support to Israel, saying that it is “irresponsible” to send the support to the “[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu government’s widespread, indiscriminate bombardment” of Gaza.

The senator additionally requested that Biden reverse course on the U.S.’s veto of a UN Security Council resolution calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire” and release of all hostages on Friday — despite Sanders’s seeming reticence toward directly calling for a permanent ceasefire himself.

“Israel has the right to go to war against Hamas. It does not have the right to go to war against innocent men, women, and children in Gaza. Israel’s reliance on widespread and indiscriminate bombardment, including with massive explosive ordinance in densely populated urban areas, is unconscionable,” Sanders wrote. “Israel’s military campaign will be remembered among some of the darkest chapters of our modern history.”

The letter details the numerous atrocities that Israel has committed in Gaza so far, with 85 percent of the population displaced and over 18,000 Palestinians dead. It compares Israel’s bombardment and invasion to the Allied bombing of Dresden, Germany or the “horrific” firebombing of Japan during World War II, both of which left huge swaths of cities destroyed, over a hundred thousand civilians dead, and 30 percent of the population of Japan homeless — destruction similar to what Israel has achieved in just two months, Sanders points out.

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