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Israel-Palestine war live: Gaza residents wake up to scenes of mass destruction
Israeli onslaught on civilians leaves Palestinians in horror
Israeli defence minister: We are fighting animals
Hezbollah members, Israeli soldiers killed along Lebanon boundary
Over 900 Israelis, 765 Palestinians killed

Live Updates

Israeli army: ‘Emphasis is on damage and not on accuracy’
14 minutes ago

An Israeli army spokesperson has said that “accuracy” is not the primary concern when it comes to attacking the Gaza Strip.

In a statement carried by Haaretz, Daniel Hagari said the army was dropping hundreds of tons of bombs in the attacks and that “the emphasis is on damage and not on accuracy.”

“We exact a price from all Hamas locations and structure, dozens from every pilot in every air force attack.”

He added that among other targets, the Israeli army attacked a weapons warehouse located in a mosque, as well as the houses of activists.

Israel says it will bomb trucks carrying supplies from Egypt to Gaza
27 minutes ago

Israel says it will bomb trucks carrying supplies from Egypt to Gaza, according to Israel’s Channel 12.

The outlet said Israel told Egyptian officials it would attacks any trucks attempting bring supplies through the Rafah crossing that connects the Gaza Strip to northern Sinai.

Palestinian death toll updates slow due to ‘internet and communication network’ disruption
53 minutes ago

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said it is facing difficulties updating the death toll regularly due to disruptions to internet and communication networks.

The blackouts, which Middle East Eye correspondents in Gaza are also facing, come after Israel said it would cut the besieged strip’s access to water, food, fuel and electricity.

In the latest death toll, the ministry said at least 765 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli shelling and over 4,000 wounded. At least 18 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since the flare-up started on Saturday.

Watch: ‘The criminals here are not Hamas…The criminals are Europeans’
1 hour ago

Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance minister of Greece, says he will not condemn Hamas after its attack on Israel, and compares the siege imposed on Gaza to the apartheid in South Africa.

In an interview, Varoufakis said the criminals were not Hamas, nor the Israeli settlers, but rather Europeans who he said “have been complicit in a crime against humanity by remaining silent when there’s no trouble or when people are dying outside the view of the cameras specially if it involves Palestinians. “.

Likud: Coalition partners support creation of national unity government
1 hour ago

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party has released a statement saying that all coalition partners in the government now favour the creation of an “emergency” national unity government in Israel.

“All coalition heads, without exception, supported the creation of an emergency national unity government and entrusted PM Netanyahu to work towards its creation,” said the statement.

A number of other politicians put out supportive statements.

“Emergency national government. Now!” Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said on social media.

“The emergency government must be created today!” wrote Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis.

Despite the calls for a national unity government, in light of the Hamas attack on Israel and the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza, opposition politicians have yet to voice their support.

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