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The Israeli Navy, on Friday and Saturday, escalated their attacks on Palestinian fishermen, while the army attacked farmers in the besieged Gaza Strip, local sources reported.

On Saturday evening, the Israeli Navy opened fire with machine guns at Palestinian fishermen sailing off the southern Rafah coast of Gaza.

The fishermen were forced to abandon their work, to avoid injury of death by gunfire. No injuries were reported.

The occupation forces deliberately attack fishermen in an attempt to limit their ability to make a living, thus exacerbating the difficult economic condition of the people of Gaza.

Earlier on Saturday, Navy ships fired live rounds, water cannons, and concussion grenades at Palestinian fishermen sailing 3-4 nautical miles off the northern Gaza coast, in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

According to the Fishermen’s Syndicate in Gaza, Navy ships opened fire at fishing boats in the “Al-Sudaniyya” area, northwest of Gaza city in the north, and attempted to sink one.

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The attack compelled the fishermen to abandon their work for fear of injury or death. There were no injuries reported.

On Friday evening, Navy warships opened fire at Palestinian fishermen sailing 3 miles off the northern coast in the “Al-Sudaniyya” area, northwest of Gaza City, once again forcing them to shore, without causing casualties.

Meanwhile, the occupation army opened fire with live rounds and tear gas canisters towards Palestinian farmers working on their land, east of Gaza City in the northern part of Gaza.

Soldiers positioned in military barracks along the eastern border between Gaza and Israel, opened fire at farmers and shepherds, compelling them to leave their work, without causing casualties.

The Israeli occupation authorities have maintained a suffocating blockade of the air, land, and sea on the tiny coastal enclave, isolated from the West Bank, since 2007.

The Israeli Navy frequently targets and attacks Palestinian fishermen sailing within the permitted areas of the sea, while the army harasses and attacks Palestinian farmers along the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip.

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