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Gaza (QNN)- The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has announced on Monday morning that a Palestinian woman, who was shot by the Israeli army during the Israeli aggression on Gaza 6 years ago, succumbed to her wounds.

Aseel Mahmoud Hamad Dhuhair, 34 years old, was severely injured and became a hemiplegic in one of the Israeli airstrikes on the houses of Palestinian civilians.

Many Palestinians, who were injured during the Israeli aggression, have died. ‘Israel’ had used internationally prohibited weapons during the 2014 war on the besieged enclave and in other aggressions on Gaza as well as the West Bank and South Lebanon.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, some 2,147 Palestinians were murdered during the 51-day Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2014, including 72 who later succumbed to their wounds.

Sorgente: Palestinian woman dies of wounds sustained during Israel’s aggression on Gaza in 2014 – Quds News Network

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