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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli police on Saturday shot dead a Palestinian intellectually disabled man near Al Asbat gate in occupied Jerusalem only because he was holding a toy.Israeli media confirmed the victim is Iyad Khairi Hallaq (32 years old), an intellectually disabled student, who was on his way to school.The Israeli police claimed in a statement that police officers who were stationed near Jerusalem’s Al Asbat Gate noticed a young man holding a “suspicious object,” that they claim looked like a gun, and told him to stop in his tracks, after which the man began to flee, so they executed him immediately.UltraPal quoted a member of his family, who said that Hallaq’s disability makes him with the capacity of a 7-year-old. He also has hearing and speech troubles, which is probably why he didn’t stop when he was ordered to.Hallaq used to study in a school, specialized for people with intellectual disabilities, near Al Asbat gate. He was executed while on his way to school.Israeli Police chased the man on foot, during which they fired at him, resulting in his death, admitted Israeli police.Following the crime, the gates to the old city have been closed by police, fearing of protests.Hamas issued a statement, condemning the Israeli crime and stating that “the execution of a Palestinian with special needs proves the sadism of the Israeli leadership.”“Such crimes are a fuel for the Palestinian people’s revolution, which will not stop fighting until the withdrawal of the occupiers from all our lands,” Hamas said. “The response of our people, every time, will be continued resistance and intifada.”

Sorgente: Israeli police executes intellectually disabled man for holding toy – Quds News Network

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