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Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories- B’Tselem said on Wednesday that 19 Palestinian protesters in Gaza lost one of their eyes during the last two years due to the Israeli shooting at their eyes during Gaza’s weekly peaceful protests near the separation fence.The center stated in a new report that in at least two additional cases, the protesters lost both of their eyes.The report added that more than 200 protesters were killed and 8000 others were wounded with live ammunition. 2400 protesters were wounded with rubber-coated metal bullets while 3000 were wounded with tear gas grenades.It added that the 13-year-old siege on the Gaza strip has caused severe damage to medical services. The medical system lacks many drugs and equipment. there is also a shortage of doctors.All of that pushes wounded Gazans to simply depend on the available limited treatment in Gaza or try to seek very expensive treatment outside if they get the chance to leave through Rafah border crossing, although of the fact that there are dozens of hospitals that provide very good medical services only a few kilometers away in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the occupied land.“The use of crowd control measures as lethal weapons, which may result in death or serious injury, has been a feature of Israel’s open-fire policy regarding the demonstrations along the Gaza perimeter fence for nearly two years”, the report confirmed. “This illegal, immoral policy conveys disregard for the lives and bodily integrity of Palestinians. So long as Israel persists in implementing it despite the horrific outcomes, demonstrators will continue to be killed and seriously injured. The ordeal suffered by the wounded, who have to receive treatment and rehabilitation in the Gaza Strip while better care is available elsewhere, is yet another horrifying facet of Israel’s callous policy towards the residents of Gaza.”

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