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09/09/2019 – Jussa Kunderezera (Workers Inernational League  Zimbabwe)

FORMER President Robert Mugabe has died. He was 95.

Mugabe has been in Singapore where he was receiving treatment for unknown ailments but for years the former Zanu PF leader had had problems with reported prostate cancer and an eye cataract.

A fiery former guerrilla leader who became Zimbabwe’s first black Prime Minister in 1980, Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for almost 40 years before he was toppled in a bloodless military coup in November 2017, weeks after firing his then deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, a longtime lieutenant.

Mnangagwa was to return from brief exile after the fall-out to seize power after forcing Mugabe into resignation with the help of the military that had placed him under house arrest in a tense two week period.

He is survived by Grace, and their children, Bona, Robert and Chatunga.

• Robert Gabriel Mugabe, politician, born 21 February 1924; died 6 September 2019

Sorgente: Jussa Kunderezera – Workers International Leagues of Zimbabwe

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