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20 Luglio 2019 0

Padma Lakshmi: Millions of Americans like me and Ilhan Omar are right where we belong – The Washington Post

Di Luna Rossa

  By Padma Lakshmi Padma Lakshmi is an ACLU Artist Ambassador for immigrants’ and women’s rights, and a host and…

17 Luglio 2019 0

Trump’s ‘go back’ racism is crude, but may be dangerously effective | Afua Hirsch | Opinion | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

As we’ve seen in the UK, attacking the identity of people of colour can be a route to political success…

15 Luglio 2019 0

‘Go back home’: Trump aims racist attack at Ocasio-Cortez and other congresswomen | US news | The Guardian

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Tlaib responds: ‘He needs to be impeached’ Pressley: ‘This is what racism looks like’ Opinion: Pelosi attacks on AOC are…

5 Marzo 2019 0

Rep. Omar’s comments force Democrats to act on anti-Semitism measure – The Washington Post

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A draft resolution “acknowledges the dangerous consequences of perpetuating anti-Semitic stereotypes.” The House could vote as soon as Wednesday. By Mike…

18 Febbraio 2019 0

VIDEO IMPERDIBILE. Venezuela, con una domanda la deputata Ilhan Omar inchioda il criminale di guerra Elliott Abrams

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“Non sono riuscita a capire perché questo comitato o gli statunitensi dovrebbero trovare attendibile una sua testimonianza oggi. L’8 febbraio…