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11 Novembre 2019 0

The Brexit party is revving up for the election. Expect to see a lot more Farage | Darren Loucaides | Opinion | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

The former Ukip leader has learned from his failure to win seats in 2015 and will focus resources on a…

24 Settembre 2019 0

Boris Johnson refuses to rule out suspending parliament again | Politics | The Guardian

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PM says adverse supreme court ruling would not stop him proroguing parliament again Follow the day’s political news – live…

2 Luglio 2019 0

Al via il nuovo Parlamento europeo, eurodeputati Brexit Party voltano spalle all’inno Ue – Europa – ANSA

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Antonio Tajani ha aperto la plenaria “Benvenuti al Parlamento europeo, la casa della democrazia l’unica istituzione europea eletta dai cittadini.…

10 Giugno 2019 0

M5S verso l’accordo con Farage

Di ken sharo

A quanto apprende l’Adnkronos, sarebbe vicinissimo l’accordo tra il M5S e il Brexit Party di Nigel Farage, grande vincitore alle…

7 Giugno 2019 0

Exit May. Now begins a battle for the soul of our democracy | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

When Dominic Raab will not rule out proroguing parliament to force a no deal through, we have entered a dark…

3 Giugno 2019 0

Britain is horribly divided – but that’s also the fault of remainers | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

Opposing a reckless no-deal Brexit by embracing a tribal war would be disastrous, says Guardian columnist John Harris In the…

27 Maggio 2019 0

Nigel Farage’s Populist Brexit Party Wins Big in European Parliament Elections – The New York Times

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The party’s strong performance humiliated Britain’s governing Conservatives, whose leader, Prime Minister Theresa May, on Friday announced her resignation. By…

21 Maggio 2019 0

Guardian: il Brexit party di Nigel Farage modellato sul Movimento 5 stelle | L’HuffPost

Di Luna Rossa

“Le donazioni a M5s vanno a un’associazione privata controllata da Davide Casaleggio; allo stesso modo, le donazioni al Brexit Party…

19 Maggio 2019 0

Labour panics as remain voters switch to Liberal Democrats | Politics | The Guardian

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Polls makes Vince Cable’s party the favourite for remainers and puts it in first place in London Senior Labour figures…

18 Maggio 2019 0

Scotland won’t be independent within EU, says Farage | Politics | The Guardian

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Scotland won’t be independent within EU, says FarageBrexit party leader dismisses Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign for independence within EU Nigel Farage…

12 Maggio 2019 0

Poll surge for Nigel Farage sparks panic among the Tories and Labour | Politics | The Guardian

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Support for the Conservatives at the European elections slumps to 11%, less than a third of what the Brexit party…

2 Maggio 2019 0

How ultra-remainers could score a spectacular own goal on Brexit | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

Nigel Farage’s Brexit party will reap the rewards if those demanding a second referendum at any cost punish Labour In…