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19 Settembre 2019 0

How did oil attack breach Saudi defences and what will happen next? | World news | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

Escalation is dangerous because infrastructure could be exposed to retaliation Saudi Arabia’s state-of-the-art missile defence systems could do nothing to…

21 Marzo 2019 0

Pathetic, incoherent, chaotic: Europe’s verdict on Brexit shambles | Politics | The Guardian

Di Luna Rossa

UK’s reputation for diplomacy, pragmatism and self-restraint has all but gone, say politicians and officials across EU All the latest…

28 Febbraio 2019 0

Who will pull India and Pakistan back from the edge this time? | World news | The Guardian

Di luna_rossa

The US has usually been the decisive voice of calm, but its influence has waned under Trump During previous bouts…