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This is a statement and press release by five Italian citizens who on Monday 14 February began a hunger strike to demand the end of discrimination in Italy – where highly authoritarian policies that discriminate against the “unvaccinated” are in place. Below we publish a statement of their reasons for beginning the hunger strike, and below that, their full press release. We implore you to reshare this article with friends, your political representatives and your media contacts.“We announce the start of a hunger strike.This act wants to express an absolute NO to policies that – to cover serious omissions, delays, inadequacies and contradictions – do not hesitate to punish citizens who have not broken any law or regulation, subverting the cultural principles, even before the legal ones, of the liberal state and of law.The hunger strike is a definitive NO to an authoritarian system which, while exploiting and distorting the pandemic reality every day, does not seem to acknowledge the need of mending the tragic lacerations inflicted to the social fabric, nor does it seem to grasp the urgency to totally and definitely remove the segregation regime to which a part of the population is forced. This includes hundreds of thousands of adolescents and minors – the same ones whose growing psychiatric emergency are spent floods of words on, but who in fact are deprived of any voice, care and protection.Fasting is also a form of sharing in the privations imposed on millions of people of all ages who, by government decree – and with the approval or silence of consultants, guarantors, scientists, magistrates and commentators – find themselves excluded from social life, from the right to work, from the constitutional freedom of movement, from the most varied opportunities for training and well-being. A sub-population of sub-humans, condemned in fact to non-existence, as expressed by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who by saying “I leave a united country” actually said a true thing, as long as we exclude from the very idea of ​​citizenship millions of citizens, separated to the point of not even being perceived, except to be discriminated against, intimidated and humiliated. United is only the part of the country that “exists” – then there are the “non-people”, invisible, unnamable, non-existent shadows, their stories, their children.No such violence by the state against its citizens is remembered in living memory in the Italian Republic. However, there are persistent signs of a political course that tends to install this form of authoritarianism permanently at the very heart of the “operating system” that oversees the relationship between state and citizen: in several circles, these days, the extension is under discussion of the current forms of discrimination in the enjoyment of elementary rights even beyond the duration of the formal state of emergency and even in the absence of an actual emergency. It is the last step: the normalization of the inconceivable.If this situation can only arouse the most irreducible political opposition and the strongest concern for the future of democracy, the thought of the hundreds of thousands of adolescents and very young people excluded with unprecedented and senseless brutality from essential aspects of their existence is a cause of unbearable suffering. Abstention from food is, again, a gesture of lucidity and personal awareness, carried out through silence and subtraction: removal from an unrecognizable, unacceptable time, in which political power is allowed to manifest itself with this degree of threatening, vindictive, paternalistic and irrational face. Where the progressive and egalitarian forces of society, and the institutional systems of control and guarantee, seem to have abdicated their role.Our hunger strike does not convey any request or demand, other than that of totally and unconditionally removing, in principle, all forms of discrimination. The arguments have already been widely posed and today, after a dizzying escalation in the scale of discrimination, mass segregation seems to be accepted as normal. Therefore, we only have to present to the consciences of Italians and international observers a fact: bodies that voluntarily deprive themselves of their livelihood to express solidarity with the invisible bodies of the removed women, of the removed men, and of their children, all deprived of rights, livelihood, citizenship, dignity and future.”Licia CoppoCarlo CuppiniAntonella MarsiliaPaola OlivieriSergio PortaDonatella CampaiAlberto Cantoni

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