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Gaza Strip (QNN)- Israeli occupation government has reduced the Gaza fishing zone on Sunday from 12 to six nautical miles from Gaza’s shore, suffocating approximately 3,000 fishermen, of whom only 800 work on some 700 boats.

The Israeli occupation government has reduced the Gaza fishing zone to 6 miles, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) said in a statement.

There are nearly 70,000 Palestinians make a living directly or indirectly from fishing in Gaza

The decision was taken due to incendiary balloons being launched from the Gaza Strip towards the Israeli-occupied Palestine, as COGAT claimed.

The incendiary balloons were launched, however, in response against Israel’s ongoing crimes and attacks against Palestinians and its siege of the Gaza strip.

‘Israel’ continues imposing tight restrictions against Gazans, including the full closure of the crossings, preventing the export and import of goods from/to Gaza, and preventing Qatari and other funds from being transferred to Gaza.

Such imposed restrictions have severely undermined Gaza’s economy and the basic rights of its residents, especially after Israel’s 11-day aggression on the strip last May, which killed more than 250 Palestinians, including 67 children and 41 women and injured 1,910 others.

Also, more than 90,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes, and much of Gaza’s infrastructure and many residential buildings were completely destroyed or levelled.

Israel’ has maintained a blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007.

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