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Occupied West Bank (QNN)- The Israeli authorities rearrested the journalist Bushra Taweel last night after only a few months of being released.

Bushra’s mother told QNN that Israeli forces arrested her at a military checkpoint in southern Nablus last night after she and her children were held inside their car for an hour.

“In the last phone call with her before she was arrested, she told me that there was a military checkpoint that was hampering the movement of the cars”, her mother said. “After her car arrived at Israeli soldiers, they told her that she was arrested, which shocked her because she was released only a few months ago.”

Taweel’s mother added that her lawyer could not contact her yesterday.

The journalist Bushra Taweel was arrested several times, the first was in 2011 when she was only 18 years old and sentenced to 16 months. After she was released in the prisoners’ swap, she was rearrested in 2014.

Bushra was also arrested for 8 months under administrative detention before being rearrested in 2019.

Bushra’s father is a prisoner as well.

Sorgente: ‘Israel’ rearrests journalist Bushra Taweel after a few months of freedom – Quds News Network

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