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At its summit next month, the EU will assess its relations with Turkey not over one action, but on Turkey’s actions over a period of time, said an EU spokesperson on Monday, reports Anadolu Agency.

Asked about Turkey bringing a ship back to port on Monday after it completed part of its energy research mission – a mission the EU has long objected to – Peter Stona told a news conference that what the EU expects from Turkey, and its timeline, are very clear.”The leaders of the EU and the EU member states will get together during the next European Council in December and they will review whether Turkey delivered on their expectations,” he said.”We’re also preparing for a conference on the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean region,” he added.EU leaders will meet on December 11-12 to discuss several issues, including the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean and possible sanctions against Turkey.

INTERVIEW: ‘Mankind’s greatest peace project needs Turkey,’ says AmbassadorTurkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Ministry announced Monday that the Oruc Reis seismic research vessel had returned from the Eastern Mediterranean to the southern port of Antalya after completing its current research activities.Turkey has consistently contested efforts by EU members Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration to restrict its legitimate energy research in the Eastern Mediterranean.As Turkey has the longest coastline in the region, efforts to restrict its continental shelf rights based on small Greek islands near Turkish coasts make no sense, say Turkish officials.Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) both have rights to the resources of the region, according to Turkish officials.CategoriesEUEurope & RussiaInternational OrganisationsNewsTurkey1 CommentUnless otherwise stated in the article above, this work by Middle East Monitor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. If the image(s) bear our credit, this license also applies to them. What does that mean? For other permissions, please contact us.Spotted an error on this page? Let us knowRe

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