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It seems that what Brazil’s current Minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araújo said at the Brazilian Senate in February 2020: “There is unfortunately still vast anti-Israel bias in bodies like the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council. I realised that during the last 15 years, up to 80 per cent of the Human Rights Council’s resolutions were against Israel”, was not political flirtation, but a fact that Bolsonaro’s government was keen to implement. Since the start of Bolsonaro’s presidency in October 2018, Brazil has drastically altered its foreign policy and strengthened its ties with Israel. After 15 years of regular voting for Palestine, Brazil has begun to vote in favour of Israel and against Palestine.On 12 November, the biased position towards Israel has repeated once again. Brazil voted against the approval of a resolution at the World Health Organisation (WHO) to guarantee access to healthcare services for the Palestinian population residing in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The draft decision was proposed by the delegations of Cuba, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar and other counties, requesting the director-general to implement a series of activities to support the development of services and healthcare provided to the Palestinian people.The resolution was approved with 78 votes in favour and only 14 against, in addition to 32 abstentions. Israel, the US, some European countries and Australia voted against the proposal, in addition to Brazil. In turn, the Israeli embassy in Brazil thanked Brazil, through its Twitter account, for voting against this decision. It also confirmed: “Israel will continue to work with WHO to improve the health condition of Palestinians.”

Sorgente: Brazil votes against Palestine at WHO assembly, Palestinian ambassador to Brazil: ‘This is contrary to what Brazil believes’ – Middle East Monitor

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