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Standing in front of an iconic Arabic bakery in Dearborn, Michigan, Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, urged Arab Americans to participate in November’s election, telling them their vote could be the difference.US presidential election explained in five questionsRead More »Biden said on Tuesday that her husband wants to restore America’s values as a “nation of immigrants,” vowing that he would be a president for all Americans.”We have to show up right now, put our shoulders back and work like we have never worked before,” Biden told the crowd. “One vote could make the difference between winning and losing a precinct; one precinct could win a state. And one state, this state, could decide our future for generations to come. So will you be that one vote?”The race for MichiganMichigan is home to one of the largest Arab communities in the country. President Donald Trump carried the state by fewer than 11,000 votes in 2016. This year, Democratic voting advocates are emphasising the importance of every ballot. High Arab turnout could make a decisive difference in the outcome of the race, Arab-American activists say.The event took place in front of Shatila Bakery, a red-brick building with a round, umbrella-like ceiling that has become synonymous with immigrant entrepreneurship in Dearborn, a city known as the capital of Arab America for its large Arab population.Started by a Lebanese immigrant in a small corner shop in 1977, now Shatila ships baklava and other Middle Eastern sweets across the country.”This bakery embodies the American dream that so many immigrants have when they come to our country,” Biden said. “And with hard work and with grit, the Shatila family has been a staple of Dearborn – one that not only creates jobs, but also brings joy to people around the world.”

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