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Jerusalem (QNN)- On May  30, Israeli police officers opened fire at Iyad Hallaq, a 32-year-old Palestinian intellectually disabled man, accusing him of holding a gun, which turned out to be his gloves and face mask.

Hallaq was shot with ten bullets even with the appeals of bystanders, who repeatedly told the police that Hallaq wasn’t posing any threat.

Israeli police claimed that Hallaq was holding a toy gun but changed its claims claiming that the disabled guy refused to obey police orders.

Israeli channel 13 published a new surveillance video, showing the last minutes before the execution of Iyad Hallaq.

Iyad appears holding garbage to throw it out then walking towards the institution, in which he studies. No signs of violence or intentions to harm Israeli policemen appear on Iyad.

When Iyad approaches an area where Israeli police officers are deployed near Al Asbat gate, Israeli officers start shooting at him, claiming that they thought Iyad was a member of the resistance.

Wardah, workers at the institution where Iyad works as well, stated that the Israeli policemen were not in danger.

“Iyad fell down holding his gloves and face mask”, Wardah said. “The officers started shouting “a terrorist… a terrorist… here is a terrorist”, they did not stop or take his ID. They only shot him with three bullets”.

“I asked them to stop shooting because he has a special needs card but they were not listening. They did not want to listen.”

She also said that Iyad tried to hide behind her to avoid Israeli bullets but that did not save his life.

“Iyad stood behind me and said Wardah I’m with you… He was asking me for help but I couldn’t do anything! how could they murder an innocent guy like him at close range?!”

Wardah stated that after her appeals an officer told her that he ordered the officers to stop shooting but one of them continued to shoot, killing Iyad.

She added that the officers pointed their rifles at her, ordering her to give them the gun that Iyad was holding but she answered that he wasn’t holding any gun, reassuring that he was only holding his gloves and face mask.

Israeli crime wasn’t limited to the execution of Iyad, Israeli police broke into the house of his family, beating his sisters and trying to find anything that may link him to an a track.

Sorgente: New video reveals how Iyad Hallaq was killed by Israeli police – Quds News Network

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