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A record number of anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in the US last year – the most since a racism watchdog began recording such events 40 years ago.There were 2,107 anti-Semitic incidents recorded across the country in 2019, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said on Tuesday.The number represents a 12 per cent increase on the previous year, having jumped up by 228 from 1,879 incidents in 2018.“This was a year of unprecedented anti-Semitic activity, a time when many Jewish communities across the country had direct encounters with hate,” ADL Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Greenblatt said.The 2019 data recorded 1,127 cases of harassment, 61 cases of physical assaults, and 919 instances of vandalism. The 2019 statistics are the highest number of recorded anti-Semitic incidents since 1994.

Sorgente: Antisemitic incidents reached record high across US last year, watchdog says | The Independent

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