Workers International League-Zim on ZCTU Labour Forum

3 Marzo 2020 0 Di marco zinno

Workers International League-Zim on ZCTU Labour Forum

Once again, capitalistic and dictatorship government of Zimbabwe led by ED Mnangagwa and his blood thirsty henchmen banned a Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) LABOUR FORUM in Mutare which was scheduled a 1600hrs Thursday 27/02/20.

The increasingly restless regime using a captured police force through the office of an inept masquerade Zimbabwe Republic Police Mutare urban dispol Florence Marume denied the workers to meet claiming that the labour forum had not been authorized and could not be held at night’.

The government has chosen to deliberately breach the supreme law of the which gurantees trade Unions and indeed citizens right to Assembly and organize without notifying the police.

It is interesting to note that Mutare 19 labour activists from Mutare are still facing ‘bigotry’ for the October 2018 demonstration against the imposition of the 2% transactional tax.

The ZCTU labour forum also coincided with minister Mthuli Ncube s unilateral but nonsensical imposition of a 2.5% tax on civil servants to fund soldiers garrison shops where members of the army will access cheap subsidized goods in the barracks.

The ZCTU which had lined up a number of labour forums through out the country has to go back to the drawing board and assess its methods of engagement whether this anti workers regime will ever allow them to organize the working class struggle unhindered.

The labour movement shouldn’t have notified the police for a meeting in the first place. This is a clear sign that the labour movement in Zimbabwe continue to betray the workers. The law and Court judgements are clear that labour meetings are exempted from police clearance.

The working class are the vanguard of the unfolding revolution and should give direction not to be directed by the regime as happening now. The deep economic crisis the working class has to contend with in Zimbabwe is huge and requires an ideologically strong socialist leadership that can harness the latent power of the students, women, civil society and broad majority of the subjugated citizens to disarm the bourgeoisie and take a first step forward.

We need to win, conquer rank and file assemblies in all remaining factories, mines and workplaces. For the workers movement groups, students to set up a coordination organ of all the workers in struggle, of the unemployed workers, militant youth, poor peasants, the vendors, civil servants and municipality workers.

The struggle for the socialist revolution is in the making and this is the time for all socialists and like minded to escalate struggle in Zimbabwe.
The struggle for proletarian internationalism of the Zimbabwean workers is in congruence with the ongoing revolutionary struggling masses across Southern Africa especially Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zambia.

Workers must conjure a program of revolutionary action that unify the working class across the nation and prepare a superior fight against Mnangagwa, ZANU-PF, the imperialist pirates and the rent seeking cabals and cartels in our midst that have been feeding on our blood.

The time has come to close ranks in a single list of demands and prepare for the socialist struggle. It is about strengthening all those enormous energies deployed by the exploited in all these years of battles against the bourgeoisie, capitalists and elitists hangers on, and showing them a path to victory.

Without totally defeating and breaking imperialism and its vestiges, the workers will remain losers right at the bottom of the economic and political food chain. As the socialist vanguard in Zimbabwe we vow to redefine and escalate the fight for social justice until the struggle is won. We say no to the IMF imposed suffering of the people and its economic dictates.

Only the working class expropriating both imperialism and the new black bourgeoisie can guarantee a truly pro people, pro poor and pro workers government and thus remove suffering among the masses.

For a Worker’s and Socialist Black Republic in Zimbabwe

Workers International League of Zimbabwe

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