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January 5th 2020

On the US terrorist attack that killed the head of the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard” in Iraq

US IMPERIALIST BEAST WANTS TO BRING ORDER IN ITS IRAQI PROTECTORATE, WHICH IS DAMAGED AND IN CRISIS DUE TO THE STARVING MASSES’ REVOLUTIONARY UPRISINGWith the mass uprisings shaking Iraq, Algeria, Sudan and Lebanon, the Maghreb and Middle East is witnessing an ongoing second revolutionary wave. This disorganized and destabilized all the regimes and counterrevolutionary devices that had been used by imperialism to keep the region under control after the 2011-2012 revolutionary upheaval and the crushing of the revolutions in Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc.The Astana-Geneva Conference, where all the counterrevolutionary agents were centralized under imperialism command to contain, sell out and smash the revolutionary processes of 2011 like in Syria, ended up as a blanket too small to suffocate the ongoing mass uprisings in the region. Moreover, US imperialism –as we will see below- has not yet conquered the necessary conditions to be able to intervene directly as it did in Iraq in the past, and Zionism is for now devoid of using its fire power too.Before this imperialist crisis, the counterrevolutionary forces slaughtering in Syria directly, like Turkey, Russia and Iran, are trying to take off as Gendarmes in the region. Thus, Turkey is getting ready to intervene in Libya, waiting for EU approval, particularly Italy and France, to attack Heftar to secure Tripoli. On the other hand, Iran, which intends to play a key role in doing the imperialist powers “dirty work” in Iraq, was preparing a solution -with Qasem Soleimani, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard- to the crisis of the government caused by the overthrowing of Prime Minister in Bagdad due to the Iraqi revolution.The Iranian is for US imperialism a hit-man despicable bourgeoisie, which it has fenced and under an embargo to secure their smashing the Iranian rebelled working class and looking after al-Assad in Damascus. The USA cannot allow them dare to get Iraq, namely, the oil reserves of the Mesopotamia.By the terrorist action of attacking with their drones and killing Qasem Soleimani, among other officers of the Iranian Guard and the Iraqi pro Iranian militias, US imperialism imposes a limit to its fascist lackey, while “reminding” the masses how powerful the US army is. This means to tell all the exploited in the Middle East that the US not only can destroy the Iranian guard, but also send Iraq, now ruined and in disarray after two imperialist invasions, which slaughtered over a million exploited, again to the Middle Ages.Trump’s attack announces that, unless all their agents accept his discipline, he is willing to smash the colonial and semi-colonial peoples that the USA oppresses and plunders with its army, the most powerful of the world. His is a “scorched earth” policy and strategy. There is where the imperialist beast is heading to, whether through its agents, or with its own troops, whenever the situation allows it.In the Maghreb and the Middle East, the two main classes clashing are the working class and imperialismUltimately, the Iranian bourgeoisie has been a praetorian guard smashing and massacring in Iraq on behalf of imperialism. They aim to play the same role they played in Syria against the revolution.But the Shiite bourgeoisie is each time more incapable of stopping the revolution. The Iraqi masses set on fire the Iranian Consulate in Southern Iraq and occupied the Governorate Palace in that region. In Bagdad, the exploited are surrounding the Green Zone (a restrained and fortified area where there are the majority of the government buildings, the foreign embassies, etc). In Lebanon, the exploited struggle to overthrow Hezbollah, the Iranian theocracy’s partner. This means that this bourgeoisie can neither guarantee bourgeois order nor security to the imperialist companies in the region, not even where it rules.This time the revolutionary wave hits directly against this murderers that act on behalf of imperialism, who have carried out the biggest genocide of the 21st Century in Syria, together with Putin and al-Assad.The same happens with the Sunnite bourgeois, like the Saudi ones, who have invaded Yemen with 9 mercenary armies on behalf of the US imperialists for 5 years, but they cannot smash and defeat the heroic Yemeni revolution completely.The revolution stands up again in the Middle East. The governments and regimes of the “7 Sisters” (oil imperialist companies) are in crisis. Native bourgeoisies run away or make pacts with imperialism, like hit-man and cowards, because they are more afraid of the masses’ actions –which will also attack their property- than of imperialism, which sometimes whips them to impose its discipline or to remove them and place other direct agents. Morales, running away from Bolivia, hiding at night, due to the fascist

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