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26 Novembre 2019 0 Di marco zinno

Manica Youth Assembly – MAYA

MAYA and Mutare City Council Flower Planting Partnership

25 November marked a great day in the history of environmental and climate justice by cementing the partnership between Mutare City Council and Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA).

The partnership was revived through planting of flowers from Mutare Civic Centre to Christmas Pass Hotel an 8 kilometers stretch.

Those who graced the occasion were His Worship the Mayor of Mutare Clr B Thandi and the current Housing Director and other City Council officials.

They all participated in the planting of the flowers to beautify the City. Flowers that were planted included perennial and seasonal flowers to cater for all seasons.

MAYA was represented by the Coordinator as well as other members from around Mutare. MAYA had adopted the project and will make a follow up with cultivating and irrigating the flowers so that Mutare once again regain its flowery appearance and retain its beauty.

MAYA will press ahead and have activities that will include planting trees around the City and also in the nearby rural communities and help counter deforestation which has resulted into floods and rise in temperatures affecting the ozone layer and contribute to global warming.

MAYA continue to be the voice for environmental and climate justice.
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Jussa Nhari Kudherezera