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In the event of the rise of technologies like cloud, AI, block-chain, and analytics, we can no longer ignore the threats that these technologies can bring if deployed improperly. Hence, it becomes mandatory for every business irrespective of their size to evaluate the security and identify the gaps in it. The ISC CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)certification helps the candidates learn about nut and bolts of cybersecurity.

General overview

Backed by ISC, this certificate is dedicated to advancing the student’s knowledge in the field of IS (information security). With this certification, the test takers can gain technical and managerial competence on various topics like risk management and security, security assessment, security engineering, etc.

This course is intended for the positions of security consultants, security analysts, network architects, security architects, security auditors, IT managers, chief information security officers, who want to understand the vulnerabilities and threats that are dominating the market.

The CISSP exam is not an entry-level test; the candidate needs to have a full-time work experience in at least 2 security domains.

Tips for passing the CISSP exam

  • Know about the exam. The ISC CISSP certificate demonstrates the test taker’s knowledge in the security program. The course covers eight domains like security risk management, software development security, asset security, network security and communication, security and assessment training, security engineering, identification and access management, security operations. This certification exam contains 250 questions and the candidate needs to score at least 70% to become qualified.
  • Understand the language of the exam. Though the candidate might have a great experience in the field of cybersecurity, there are chances that he/she might get lost in the maze, hence it is strongly recommended to start the process by going through the study guides.
  • Use multiple study materials. There are various study guides available on the Internet, including the official guide, that provides a comprehensive view of different security domains along with the sample https://www.prepaway.com/cissp-certification-exams.html. The students can even go to the boot camps where the experts organize interactive sessions. Even though they are expensive, it is worth
  • Training courses. The self-study can pay off but an instructor-led training can help the candidate to formulate an efficient exam strategy. Moreover, being a professional training institute, they understand the course curriculum better, so the chances of success are higher. The studentscan even join some forums or workshops to get a fair idea about the course.

Top resources for the CISSP exam

There are various resources that provide in-depth learning on the key topics related to the exam. Here, we have mentioned some resources that can help you ace up the test.

  1. Study Materials
  • Graduate X CISSP study materials. With more than 330 updated self-explanatory videos on the major topics, this site tops the chart. The best part of this platform is that it is responsive and helps the students to easily access the same through the mobile.
  • CISSP exampractice study materials. This platform offers the students flexible lessons. The on-demand boot camp course is led by the expert instructors Shon Harris and David Miller. Their interactive training keeps the candidate in pace with the changing cybersecurity environment.
  • PrepAway CISSP. This course comes equipped with the flashcards, practice questions, and bonus practice tests that can be customized on the basis of the topics that you would like to be tested on.
  1. Websites
  • https://www.cybrary.it/- it is a platform that helps the testtakers build their IT security career for free.
  • https://www.cccure.education/– this educational site offers video tutorials, quizzes and practice tests to prepare the candidates for the exam. Itisavailableboth for students and corporate organizations.
  • https://www.studynotesandtheory.com/ -this website is a crisp guide that offers mindmaps, movies, video tutorials, brain dumps, pdf notes, and everything needed to score well in the exam. The platform even offers the students a detailed study plan on how to crack the CISSP test. The test takers can use the free version or opt for the paid membership to enjoy the benefits.
  1. Books
  • An Easy Guide to CISSP – this is the latest edition by Austin Songer. This book is one of the briefestguides available for the CISSP aspirants.
  • CISSP in 3 weeks: The CISSP DIY Manual– this is a good and useful book that provides information about how to clear the CISSP test. It is available in the Kindle edition or can be downloaded for free.
  • ExamFOCUS– it is a brief book that offers a handful of practice questions and notes for the CISSP candidates.

Other books that are worth reading are“CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide (Sybex)” and “The CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide”.


The CISSP exam contains around 100-150 questions which arecomprised of multiple-choice and advanced innovative questions. Firstly, try to answer the questions that you are 100% sure of and then move onto the others. Sincethe exam questions arein a multiple-choice format, eliminate the options that you find definitely wrong and think intensively about the rest of the options. Daily practice of 1 hour will surely payyou off. Also, you can join the study groups, which help you keep the track of the network professionals living in your area.

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