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Syria:The UN bandits cave kills!

Syria:The UN bandits cave kills!

The fascist Al Assad has already dropped 200 chemical weapons in 7 years!

From Geneva, the USA, Russia, France, England and Turkey organize Al Assad‘s massacre to the Syrian revolution

All of them, just like hyenas, divide the loot from the UN

Al Assad does the “dirty work”

The garbage Left-wingholds him

The USA liberates the airspace

Assad and Putin massacre with chemical bombs.This is not enough.

The Sunni bourgeoisie, in Douma called “the Army of Islam”, pacts with Al Assad from inside that massacred city, it offers itself as police of the dog Bashar and changes sides. They call their men to enter the army of the murderous dog Al Assad.The people resist … take to the streets … their children die.

“May the regime fall”, the claim is not finished.The FSA chiefs go with Turkey to take Afrin and the Euphrates, far, far away from the massacred Ghouta and Idlib.Thousands of refugees arrive in Idlib. The poor and oppressed open their houses, share their bread and their struggle. This is the solidarity that they received. The “humanitarian aid” of the UN are only tents in the middle of nowhere, without food or clean water, suffering from diseases like polio, TB and cholera, while their officials rape the women in exchange for a piece of bread.May the fronts be opened! May the regime fall!

… And out with the traitors of the FSA! … Out with the ones who hand over the revolution! That is already shouted in the streets of the last trenches of the revolution.

The correspondents of the socialist newspaper “The Truth of the Oppressed” tell and denounce this truth … “Al Assad and the rest of fascist scourge would not win the civil war if the traitors did not hand it over from inside the resistance”.This happened in Hama, Aleppo, Raqa, Homs, Ghouta …

and in Afrin, where the traitors of the Kurdish PKK handed over that city to Al Assad and the latter to Turkey.This is the plan to crush a heroic revolution.

The script is written from the so-called “Geneva conference”, under the command of the US and the UN.UN kills!

The UN of the USA, Russia, England, Turkey, France! The UN of the invaders of Syria kills!Chemical weapons are dropped by Al Assad but the UN knows he has them. Russia looks after them so that the dog Bashar drops three canisters of poisonous gas in the streets of Ghouta.Thousands are suffocated. “But it doesn’t matter” they say, “they are Islamic terrorists … They are in tunnels.” And where do you want the people to be if their city has alreadycome to ashes?The garbage Left-wing is silent.They support Al Assad.Others proclaim themselves “neutral”. They say that there are two sides: Islamists on the one hand and Al Assad on the other … But in each fight, the “Islamists” change sides to Al Assad in order to massacre the people.From these “neutral” ones, some of them affirm that in Syria both sides that are facing each other are Russia on the one hand and USA on the other hand… when both armies are in Syria and never clashed against each other, and on the contrary, they established a single command from the Geneva conference and the UN to coordinate the Massacre in Syria.Some of them even demand the “international community” to intervene… and it already intervened, supporting Al Assad, massacring and even invading like in USA, France and Turkey…The slanders of the “anti-capitalist” traitors in-word and servants of the UN, Geneva and imperialism in deed collapse.The UN kills.Stalinists, social-imperialists, anarcho-stalinists, renegades of Trotskyism … All in a single trench. In the other, the workers and the heroic people of Syria.These are the sides.The Trotskyists? In the trenches of those below; in the tunnels taking care of women and children.Now Trump, France, England are tearing their hair out for the use of chemical weapons … Cynics! A thousand times hypocrites! For 7 years they liberated the airspace to Russia and Al Assad so that they can massacre. They say they are “horrified” before the usage of chemical weapons, but they were never horrified before the missiles, cluster bombs, prisons where the prisoners are being tortured to death, bullets, airstrikes or white phosphorus, with which they murdered 600,000 Syrians and destroyed entire workers neighbourhoods and cities. For them, the limit is in the usage of chemical weapons… and even so they use them to massacre and terrify the people in Douma to evacuate the city.Hypocrites! This is the eleventh time that the fascist Al Assad drops chemical bombs against his people … Now, do you want to intervene? You have already killed tens of thousands in Raqa and Deir Ez Zor, you bombarded massively Mosul and Fallujah and yesterday Trump’s planes killed more than 150 civilians in a bombing in Afghanistan.In 2003 they used the excuse of chemical weapons to invade Iraq and kept the oil of that nation. Al Assad has had them for a while and they just held h

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