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L’ esercito di occupazione ha arrestato illegalmente Dounia Laetitia Callens

DR-Yousef Abdulhaq – Nablus (25/04/2017 4:00am)

The military forces of Zionist Israel occupation brutally were breaking into house of French Solidarity DONIA, last night , they destroyed door ,furniture and her bags and clothes.

Dunia is humanized person, she is working as humanized volunteer in documentation of Israel racist aggressive war on every Palestinian person, animal, tree, land and even rocks !!! More over she is planting with impoverished Palestinian families thyme and olive tree in addition to her participating those families in olive trees harvest.
it is obvious from DONIA stroy and other stories of humanized solidarity volunteers in Palestine that Israel policy against Palestinian people is racist colonialist policy, but no any great state says to it “enough is enough” which means that Israel is over law.

Though of this hard situation in Palestine, Palestinian people supported by its humanized movement in our world will lastly win his freedom and justice.

Free Free DONIA

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