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What does Brexit mean for expats? | The Independent

Can expats who plan to make sterling money transfers either side of the Brexit referendum on 23 June afford to just sit and wait for the result to come in?

Wherever you live in the world, the vote could have a considerable impact on the exchange rate you get when sending money in and out of the UK.

  The uncertainty has already driven down the value of the pound against major currencies such as the US dollar and euro, and the volatility is likely to increase as voting day nears.

A recent client survey by international money transfer experts HiFX found that 60 per cent of respondents who regularly make international money transfers believe their finances will suffer if Britain leaves the EU. However, 66 per cent of these aren’t doing anything differently with regard to their international money transfers, regardless of where they reside.

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Sorgente: What does Brexit mean for expats? | The Independent

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