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Children facing ‘significant emotional risk’ on social media, report warns | The Independent

Failure to act risks leaving generation of youngsters growing up chasing ‘likes’ and increasingly anxious due to constant demands of social media, warns Children’s Commissioner

Children are being exposed to “significant emotional risk” on social media, particularly as they transition into secondary school, a report has warned.

The Children’s Commissioner has issued a stark warning in a report showing that pupils aged 10-12 years old are increasingly anxious about their online image and “keeping up appearances”.

While eight- to 10-year-olds use social media in a “playful, creative” way – often to play games – this changes significantly as children’s social circles expand in Year 6 (or the first year of secondary school), it says.

The study suggests some children are becoming almost addicted to “likes” on Facebook and Instagram as a form of social validation, with many increasingly anxious about how they appear online.

This can be made worse when they start to follow celebrities and others outside close family and friends, whose social media accounts can undermine children’s views of themselves. This group grows significantly upon starting secondary school, the report warns.


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Sorgente: Children facing ‘significant emotional risk’ on social media, report warns | The Independent

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