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Occupied Palestine: Letter from under fire

Letter from Dr Haq

Nablus Occupied Palestine

The unprecedented demolition campaign left some 1,593 Palestinians homeless and affected the livelihoods of another 7,101, according to a preliminary analysis of data collected by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) during the period 2009 – 2016, most of them about 1089 became homeless in 2016.During 2017 beginning at 9nth Oct, In East Jerusalem only,116 buildings were demolished and 202 Palestinians were displaced by apartheid Israel.
When any human said that this is a crime against humanization law , we will hear racist Israeli government is repeating always its broken song disc which is saying “Palestinians are terrorists” !!!!!
Let us ask these questions:
Who invaded Whom?
Zionist gangs led by British colonialism who invaded Palestine during 1918 – 1948 or, Palestinians who invaded Zionist gangs in Europe during this Period ????
Who occupied whom?
Palestinian people, who occupied Israel in its 1967 aggressive Israeli war 1967 or, Israeli army who occupied the rest of Palestine ( West Bank & Gaza strip) and Syrian Golan during Israeli 1967 aggressive war?

No one can blame normal humans who don’t know the truth if they ignored Palestinian national rights of freedom, justice, right of return and independence.

But Imperialist great powers know the truth because they participate with Israel in its criminal history of occupying Palestinian land and colonizing it through racist policy, they know Israel is the only creative terrorist state in the world in recent days, but in the same time they continue their support to Israel, so they are responsible for the continuous crime of israel in its ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people.

Please stay humanized

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